Nordstrom Rack Finds. A little less than thrilling but some good deals all the same.

IMG00220-20090718-1331While it was a little less than lackluster, Nordstrom Rack had a few killer kicks on sale. The standards were all there: Sperry Topsiders that I already showed you, Penguins, and John Varvatos for Converse, a few new highlights included the wingtip Vans Off the Walls, Vans Prison Issue corduroy hi-tops, Reef Sandals, and a pair of gold Creative Recreations. There were also about 50 pairs of Topsiders in various colors and sizes. I would’ve snapped some shots but as I was beginning to, I was asked by a Rack employee to not take pictures in the store. I guess it is illegal, and all, so whatever. I was still able to snag the following shots. Going above and beyond because I deemed it important enough to privy you to the fact, I perused the other items in the store. Ben Sherman cufflinks and billfolds, English Laundry shirts, and other stuff. It was an OKAY trip. Not stellar. But not a total letdown. On Sunday, though, I headed to Marshall’s and scored a pair of Topsiders for a cool $20. And an Obey belt for $4. FTW.


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