The More Buffalo Collection Case has arrived!

more…and I’m already in love with it. Seriously. I don’t usually geek out over a case for a phone, but when I’ve been waiting with such anxious anticipation for the case to arrive from the Oriental Rim, I had to scream like a little girl when I saw it in my mailbox last night. It was a great mail day. Two Netflix movies and the case. FTW. What a night I had. Anyway, the case is durable, substantial, but remains sleek and unobtrusive when stashed in my pocket. The problem I;d been having with the Storm was that no matter the case, I could feel the screen sometimes being depressed when I would move in certain ways. Gone the way of the buffalo is that problem (Yeah, and it’s called the Buffalo Collection case. Coincidence?). Best of all, it was super affordable. So I suggest you get your own from More. And speaking of More, see the case in action after the jump.more1more2more3

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