Can you reverse the momentum of failure? No. Can you reverse the Modern Amusement Shower Breaker? Yes.

masbLet it be said that I am one of Modern Amusements biggest fans. If I could, I would own probably every piece of their collections (even the $80 wickedly-overpriced candle), because that’s just the kind of guy I am. Let it be said, also and semi-regrettably, that I only really make MA purchases when the gear goes on sale. I wait in anticipation for seasons to end just to see what the bird brand will throw into the sale section. I’ve been lucky enough to find a few of their t-shirts at Nordstrom Rack. Though, recently, I haven’t had that luck at the Rack and have found it has been coming up short, even in the way of shoes. Zappos, though is always a good place to start if you’re fiending for some MA wear at a discounted price. The Shower Breaker is currently topping my “want” list and just happens to be marked down. Good news for me, bad news for my bank account. But that little guy has been getting on my nerves anyway. It’s like an itch you can’t scratch, or that girl from the bar last night that won’t leave the next morning and insists that you two get brunch. I wish it would just go away. But alas, it’s a reality and I must face it. masb1


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