If you build it, he will come…wearing what appears to be the Brixton Leland Cap

brixtonI remember the first time I saw Field of Dreams and thinking, “Man, how creepy would that be to be innocently harvesting your corn crops then hear a haunting voice utter ‘If you build it, he will come…'” Sitting at home, it even scared the living daylights out of me. Then you come to find it’s about baseball and Shoeless Joe, taking the fright-factor from a high 10 to a low 1 or 2. Ghosts, man. Well, now you can look exactly like one of them phantom players courtesy of our friends at Brixton. I ordered the Pin Striped Leland Cap purely on a whim after stumbling upon it at Milkbar, and I must say, I’m digging the way it fits and looks. Though I didn’t wear it to the game last night, I would still like to see a resurgence in this style of baseball garb. Puffy pants and jerseys? With these caps? Could you imagine? That would be sweet. Sure some teams from time to time wear their “vintage stock,” but it still pales in comparison to what the Babe rocked. Bringin it back people. In fact, since these caps are only $16, which is far less expensive than any New Era pro-back, I’m thinking of starting a softball team next year and outfitting us all like the style of old. Who is with me?


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