Spotted in Cherry Creek: The Chopper that WILL burn your legs

caferacerThere’s no denying that this motorcycle is hot. But I’m not using “hot” as some sorta slang in this case. Sure, it’s a pretty sweet lookin ride. There’s no denying that. But when this thing rolled up as I was gulping down a Cola Bear from Peaberry’s this morning, you should have seen the guy riding it. First off, wearing shorts in general and riding a motorcycle is not a good idea, but the burns on this guy’s legs were atrocious. And they were only on the one side, where they would brush against the muffler. That has to be painful. Let this be a lesson…well, two lessons: 1) Do not wear shorts and ride a motorcycle and 2) Do not wear denim shorts ever. No exceptions. Plus he had a ponytail. Double whammy.


5 responses to “Spotted in Cherry Creek: The Chopper that WILL burn your legs

  1. That’s a chopper, not a cafe racer.

  2. these things are terrible. they are called hardsole 5150’s. they are the poor mans way to buy a chopper/bobber, that they think they will look cool on,( they dont)with a tiny engine that isnt that scary (usually between 125cc and 250cc) . if you want a sweet ride, but dont want to work on it, or have the fear instilled in your heart that generally comes from riding a motorcycle… buy a convertable.

  3. correction. not hardsole… kikker 5150

    • momentumoffailure

      haha! a convertible it is, apparently. that, or im going to renew my bus pass. thanks for the info, man! I’m more just stoked on the burns the dude had. sorta shows him, i suppose, huh?

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