These Are Some EXTREME Mints.

vojoThe only thing I feel more strongly about in this world than anything else (including my love of accessories and my disdain for the mundane) is my constant need for caffeine. I’m a vampire and I fully accept that. People don’t understand my continuous Red Bull consumption, love of coffee, or the fact that a bed really only has one purpose (hint: it’s not sleeping). At first, this kind of bothered of me, but then I realized how much more productive I could be if I shirked these “societal norms” and didn’t sleep.

Vojo decided to help me out by producing these mints. They used to be sold at Target, but were discontinued in late 2008 (I died a little on the inside). This was unfortunate because they taste good (I also like the taste of Red Bull), cost the same as one can of Red Bull, and have 400mg of caffeine per package. Red Bull is 26.67mg per $1 and Vojo mints are 40mg per $1. Cost-benefit analysis says… Vojo! Ultimately, this would be irrelevant if you still couldn’t get your hands on them. Luckily, @ThinkGeek has rescued us from office doldrums and sleep again (Bawls), and picked up distribution.

Let’s be honest though, you aren’t going to consume an entire package of these in one sitting (I did, and even I was wired).  They are extremely effective at maintaining your caffeine levels throughout the day.  Broaden your horizons here people; caffeine doesn’t have to come in a can.

Ben (@CobaltInfinity)


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