HOT OFF THE WIRE: The Bud Light Speaker Box

speakerboxHot off the rumor-mill floor and into my inbox. Sometimes it pays to have friends in high places. Thanks, Andrew, for the heads up re: the Bud Light Speaker Box. This is so awesome, I don’t know where to begin. First and foremost, I will let Budweiser do the talking.

Bud Light is pleased to announce an exciting new packaging innovation – the Bud Light Speaker Box. This unique package kicks off any social gathering or tailgate by pumping tunes through a speaker built inside the crowd-pleasing Bud Light 24/12 LNNR package. Adult consumers simply plug the attached speaker cable into a standard mp3 player or portable radio to bring the party to life.”

We’re going to see what we can do about getting one of these for the BBQ. Now if that’s not incentive enough to come, I don’t know what is. Oh, and the first one to play Outkast’s “Heya” out of this thing gets a beat down. Ben will see to that.


35 responses to “HOT OFF THE WIRE: The Bud Light Speaker Box

  1. Where can you buy this? I want one.

    • This is the greatest idea, had one at a BBQ and just plugged in my IPOD and suddenly I’m the DJ….must have for any party…who’s the guy that came up with this idea??

      • Awesome – I need one of those!! Where and when?

      • momentumoffailure

        We’re awaiting word from Bud. I will let you know as soon as I know.

      • Summer is upon us and I agree with the young padwan above – we want it now!! Kidding, it would be great to scoop one of these up. Let us know as soon as you hear something. Cheers

  2. wow what a great idea! music and alcohol happily partnered again. Don’t drink Bud Light but will now

  3. I want one. Great idea using the box for big sound. Where can I get one? What day is this…?
    the dude abides

  4. Available now? this is genius. Camping, beach days, boating… office!

  5. I NEED this! I always forget to bring IPod speakers to the beach, but I never forget my beer!

  6. This is an absolute must-have! Mmmm beer & music, two of my favorite things! I seriously need to have one of these, when & where can I get my hands on one?

  7. It says it will release 09/21/09

  8. I work at a grocery store and we are getting ours tomorrow. We are only getting 10 though..retail around $20

  9. Can I get this in Toronto, Canada? I could use one of these on a camping trip or BBQ.

  10. Hey just to let anyone know. I just picked up a Bud Light speaker box. Got it for 19.99 here in Coloraod Springs. DON’T DO IT! The speaker sucks, and couldn’t rock any tailgate I know. $20 is good for a case of bottles, i guess… But the speaker is horrible. Just a heads up.

    • momentumoffailure

      It’s a speaker in a beer box. What did you expect?

      • 1 speak is good, 2 speakers better, 10 speakers awesome! A “single mp3 player” can only power the “one 1W speaker” which will create descent volume… we have heard multiple requests on HIGHER volumes, so we created the 10 speaker hub – Now you can plug in 10 cases of the Bud Light Speaker Box’s to create a real noise!! Have a look at the attached YouTube link!

      • momentumoffailure

        Wow. Lots of people have thoughts on the Speakerbox. I haven’t even picked one up but sort of want to based on how much people are hating on it.

      • Yeah, no doubt.

  11. Uh …. who keeps the boxes? Personally, I like my beer cold. Therefore, beer goes in fridge or coolers, box goes into the recycle bin.

    Silly gimmick … won’t last.

  12. Ok, I just saw this item on tv. while watching USC VS. ND. and I have to say that all of us thought it was a joke at first. Then we started to check it out and found out that it may not be a joke. So, now we need to know exactly where we can buy these at and if it is infact a fake product then maybe Corp. needs to get a clue and get this product out on the market cuz damn. they may just be sitting on an idea that’s a gold mine.

    Roman Broadway Fremont NE.

  13. This is retarded, your paying for a very crappy speaker. All hype….

  14. I haven’t been able to find one of these packages yet but it sounds amazing! no matter the speaker quality! i mean what more could you ask for? honestly! a speaker in a beer box! its genius! my friends and i spend almost every weekend going camping and spend alot of our time out in the country and our biggest obsession besides drinkin is crankin out the tunes this will go over big in our area that is fosho!

  15. Anyone know where you can find one in Portland, OR area?

  16. its pretty cool but not very loud at all… its pretty sweet though

  17. not loud enough needs to be louder but pretty sweet though

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