The Momentum of Failure Kickoff Party/BBQ. RSVP now

chultluIt’s been announced but dates are tentative: The Momentum of Failure Kickoff Party will be held either late August or early September. What we need to know though, are there any dates that won’t work for some folks? Ben and I were thinking August 28th, and so far it seems that date is working for the majority of all y’all. We have decided that a BBQ is in order to take advantage of the gorgeous weather we’ve been having here in CO. Following this will be a night out on the town. There are a plethora of cool bars and places to go near Amanda’s house (she’s hosting the bbq. Follow her @demandab). Or, hell, we could just drink in the park. Or continue on into the night roasting hot dogs. Because if someone comes packing the Cthulhu Roaster, we’d pretty much have to, no? I got my quarterly bonus and will order the jalapeno popper roaster as promised, but I’m going to need someone else to get this guy. Oh, and wasn’t there talk of taquitos? Anyone gotta preference between beef or chicken? And who is bringing them?

By the by, I spoke with my buddy last night re: beverages. He got the Budweiser hookup and is supplying the party with 15 cases of beer. Should be ample, no? Plus, as preferred by some, there will be wine and champagne. So head to the Party Page immediately and RSVP and leave comments/suggestions/etc.

– Will (@momentumfailure)


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