For $35, it doesn’t make sense NOT to own the Timex Camper

timexcamperBeing the bargain hunter that I am, I was able to bring a smile to my Mom’s face this weekend when i found her fave pair of shades as a way discounted price, completely destroying the always-having-to-pay-full-price mentality. She’s used to snagging a pair for $90. After I jumped in, I was able to track down a pair for $60 with free shipping. On top of that, I found an additional $10 off coupon. Not too shabby when all was said and done. The problem after that was I started looking for more stuff for me. Having just found a screaming deal on a Nooka of my very own, I have decided that I should just start to embrace this watch fetish versus trying to quell it.

I found some pretty sweet places to pick up watches at rock bottom prices this weekend. Among them, Zappos, where I found the Timex Camper for $35. Of course, as I write this, I realize that I could possibly find it cheaper. And guess what? I did.


One response to “For $35, it doesn’t make sense NOT to own the Timex Camper

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