Subtleties make all the difference: JPress Cotton Canvas Trousers

5205-26GIt’s cool, man. No, no. I get why you’re wearing an all-over print hoodie. And I will not judge you for that. In fact, it’s your right to dress however you want regardless of how goofy you look. But I beg of you to understand why I am not donning the all-over. I like my gear to be timeless and classic. At the same time, though, it’s gotta have a little flair. Take a traditional pair of khakis and add one colored button or some distinction around the cuffs. Give me a black bow tie with some tiny white polka dots on it, perhaps. Because in three years*, when the all-over print frenzy is dead and gone, I can still wear what I have without batting an eye at the trends.

*Three years? I think I’m being generous. It may already be dead.


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