After today, I can die. Fast & Furious comes to DVD

paulwalkerWould you just take a second and look at Paul Walker? Look how happy he is resting against a Skyline GT-R. He looks almost as happy as I am today. I vowed I would see Fast & Furious in theaters. Alas, I never ended up going. Why? Why did I not go see the fourth installment of my favorite movie franchise in theaters? Probably because no one gets these cinematic masterpieces like I do. There’s a deep connection here. And I don’t really want to share that with anyone else. I can’t explain it. I can quote the entire first two Fast and Furiouses (Furioi?). Ask Wil, who lived with me in college and was subject to many a-nights of watching these epic films.

I never bothered learning lines from the third one, as I dislike Bow Wow. That other guy, though, who replaced Paul Walker in Tokyo Drift – I like him. He was the QB in Friday Night Lights (the movie, not the show). But tonight…..oh man. Fast & Furious. Maybe some thai takeout. NOS Energy drinks? Them things are gross. So, probably not those. Sorry to anyone who wants to come over tonight, but I have to watch it alone. At least the first go around. Gotta absorb. Then I can share. So, no, I can’t hangout tonight.

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