I can’t/won’t/shouldn’t take credit for Dan Akroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka

crystalheadLike I said, I won’t take credit for the recent popularity of Crystal Head Vodka, distilled by the Ghostbuster himself, Dan Akroyd, but I find it highly coincidental that I posted something about this unheard-of spirit some months ago and had to special order it (Well, in honesty, Amanda ordered it). Now it’s being carried at Argonaut Liquors (aka: prolly the best place to buy booze in Denver), like it ain’t no big deal. Tucked between Blavodka and something else, it sits there priced at $52, seemingly collecting dust.

Before this happenstance, I noticed that CH was also being served at the most terrible bar in the neighborhood (which shall as of now remain nameless as I am into promoting the good, not bashing the bad). This leads me to one question, or two if you want to get technical: Am I just noticing that Crystal Head is served everywhere because I am now aware of it? Or was it never there and word got around about it and is now widely popular*? Riddle me that, Batman.

*Widely popular being a relative term as I’ve only seen it at Argonaut, that bar, and another blog run by a friend of mine.


One response to “I can’t/won’t/shouldn’t take credit for Dan Akroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka

  1. Don’t forget that Sean and his roommate have a bottle that they purchased at Santa Fe Liquors. AKA the liquor store across from ghetto King Soopers, 99% of whose business relates to selling 40 oz King Cobras to, um, the less fortunate. You, my friend, have started a trend. Next thing ya know, Target will be carrying creepy hand soaps.

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