Make Love, Not War. [@Miansai Jewelry]


But you can’t “make love” to an idea (you could try, but what fun would that be), so Michael Saiger of Miansai just makes jewelry. Michael “just makes jewelry” in the same sense that Nicolas Cage is “just a movie star” and Jared Leto is “just a rock star.” Miansai pieces blend jewelry, history, and weaponry in such a unique way that there’s an underlying conflict. Is this merely jewelry or is it art?

For some inexplicable reason (it’s not just about the guns), these pieces remind me of Lord of War. Maybe it’s the flash, the panache, or the storytelling, but Miansai pieces have parallels with the Hollywood blockbuster. They don’t just look good (but this is certainly positive) they tell a story. I’m not just wearing a piece of Saiger’s, I’m there helping him make it (Discovery Channel: How to Make Jewelry). It’s like he’s tricking me into learning about history. You know what? I love every second of it.

Ben (@CobaltInfinity)

Pull the trigger for the rest of the pictures.


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