Meet me in the dollar bin. Keep the Quiksilver Rubix or go with the Nixon Private?

BNBecause I can’t make up my own mind most of the time, I rely on the advice of others. You should have seen the state I was in when I was debating moving back to Denver from NYC. I was asking nearly everyone, and everyone gave me the same answer: “It’s up to you.” Really? Thanks. I know that. I was just looking for the easy-out, which I never found. I am hoping this is easier with a watch I just purchased (Quiksilver Rubix – above) and my lukewarm feelings on it thus farand my consideration of returning it and going with another (Nixon Private – below). privateChime in on the poll now and make up my mind for me this time, because Lord knows I’m going to be grappling with decision for far too long. Voting will end Wednesday, July 29 at 4pm MST.


16 responses to “Meet me in the dollar bin. Keep the Quiksilver Rubix or go with the Nixon Private?

  1. Price on the Nixon Private?

  2. Cobalt Infinity

    Will, this isn’t a debate. Even if you can’t return the Rubix you should still get rid of it. Even if this means melting it down and using the byproduct for new Tech Deck wheels.

    Private is ftw.

  3. There isn’t a return the Rubix and NOT buy the Nixon option… that’d be what I’d recommend

  4. Ditch the Rubix… Go with the Private…..

  5. i love the rubix but i saw that shot of it on what i assume to be your emaciated wrist and it didnt seem right.

    i think the private will be a better investment. stand the test of time fer sher.

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  8. Not too mention the fact that Nixon is without question a better watch brand than Quiksilver.

    • momentumoffailure

      I will go ahead and have to agree with you there. Though not everything Nixon makes is a winner, the majority of their line is stocked with classic military styles that are versatile and stylish to boot. Thanks for the comment.

  9. Do you make money out of this blog? just curious

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