What Not to Wear. Sans Stacy and Clinton. JCrew’s Ask Jack

askjackIt takes a big man to ask for help, whether it be framing a house, asking for directions or simple what are the best types of pants for any given occasion. But then there’s those poor saps who go on What Not to Wear on TLC. They didn’t ask for help. Their pompous friends forced them into it. Sure, they could say no when Stacy and Clinton ask them, but that rarely happens. That or they just don’t air the episodes of the “No” candidates. One thing I noticed though with that show, as much as I do love it, how angry would you be if after all these years of your friends not saying anything about your garb, they finally decide to do so in such a public forum? I mean, if it was really that bad, have a heart to heart over a cold beer or something. “Listen, you’re 30 now. The spandex tube top and mini skirts probably aren’t really appropriate anymore. Your daughters are embarrassed.” You know, something like that. Or point them towards JCrew.com’s Ask Jack feature. It’s geared towards us fellas, yeah, but it’s helpful. Besides, if I looked that terrible, I would rather fix the issue from the privacy of my own home versus being followed up and down the street of Manhattan by the TLC camera crew.


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