Braving the impending threat of Winter with Red Wing Iron Ranger boots

ironrangerNot owning a pair of Red Wings myself, I have to go on my brother’s recommendation to pick up some of my own. He’s always bragging about his: how comfortable they are, how durable, waterproof, stylish, etc, etc, etc. And, yeah, they most certainly are. With the Colorado weather having dropped a few degrees in the past couple of days, I have begun hunting down jackets, base layers, wool socks, knit caps, sweaters, and most importantly, footwear. It’s no secret I’ve been eyeing the Keds Pro Courts and Bagua/Warrior Kung Fu shoes, but when I step back, I have to realize (especially when I scan the shoe collection in the closet), that I lack a good pair of boots.

I frequent the Rocky Mountains in the colder months and a pair of canvas shoes do not sound so ideal. And though I most likely will still pick up a pair at some point between now and then, investing in my own pair of Red Wings is probably a good idea, too. JCrew has a nice set of them, but with a little more hunting, I bet you dollars to Deloreans that I can find something a taaaaad more in my price range. I’m not saying that the Iron Rangers are wildly expensive, I am merely pointing out that the Internet provides 1000+ options for any one pair of shoes/boots.


2 responses to “Braving the impending threat of Winter with Red Wing Iron Ranger boots

  1. Ok, so, as more or less of a “crew” expert, I can tell you this:

    I own the Iron Rangers from last year (same thing, just a lighter color) and they are tied with the most loved pair of shoes I’ve ever owned (the other pair being my Paul Smith black dickens boots). They are absolutely magnificent: you will get blisters for about a month- no, I’m not kidding at all- but after you hit the 4 week mark, almost overnight, the cork bottom of the shoe molds to your foot and the leather starts fitting as well, which literally feels like a constant, warm, and loving hug on your feet.

    They got me through fall/winter in New York city and I can’t wait to start rocking them again. Literally, I think about it at least 5 times a week.

    PS- I shouldn’t be saying this, but a little hint after the price range comment: look online at places like zappos and also at random brick-and-mortar shoe stores for your Red Wings. You usually will find them for *at least* $100 less than J.Crew offers them for. Good luck!

    • momentumoffailure

      Good to know, for sure. I’m debating between a pair of Iron Rangers and a watch right now. I do need a good pair of boots probably more than I need a watch, though. Stomping through the Colorado winters would be much easier in a pair of red wings versus oxford loafers.

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