I’m moving. To where? No idea. The Spire Denver looks sweet.

spiredenver…Of course it’s just an artist’s rendition, but Denver’s new Spire project looks like sweet digs. I have been all over Craigslist, listing my current place and looking for places in the Highlands, Baker, Downtown, Wash Park, Stapleton, or another Uptown spot. I was driving to pick up Fast & Furious yesterday at lunch and saw the billboard on Colorado Blvd. for the Spire. It looked cool enough to check out. They recently broke ground on the project. That said, I don’t see the project completed by the time I’m ready to move.

Though, now that I really think about it, living in a building like this is less appealing than, say, a cool Wash Park house with a yard. I do hope by the end of the year to have a dog, afterall.


5 responses to “I’m moving. To where? No idea. The Spire Denver looks sweet.

  1. Jane Hadjimaleki

    It does look spectacular! If you ever need a good realtor, I know one — me.

  2. Cobalt Infinity

    Denver Spire got nothin’ on the Chicago Spire.

  3. As long as you don’t want any Comcast products, including high-speed internet, the Spire is a great place. You’ll be force-fed inferior products from a company that doesn’t have a local presence. They can talk about the internal fiber, but if the products running over that fiber suck, then what good is it???

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