More Annoying Than Fran Drescher’s Laugh

annoyotronNo. Really. I’m not making this up people.  This little device will allow you to use the power of annoying for good…or for AWESOME. The ThinkGeek Annoy-o-tron 2.0 is the single greatest (next to 1.0 obviously) office prank ever created. Let’s put it to the test.

Cubicle of packing peanuts? Time consuming, expensive, one time use.

Office supplies in J-e-l-l-o (Dwight, you’re my hero; even if you are fictional.)? Who wants to cook? This takes effort.

Scotch tape on the mouse? It is the least amount of work, but has a shelf life of approximately 10 minutes.

Annoy-o-tron? I hid this behind the credenza of a Network Engineer (it has magnets) on a Monday morning at 7 before he arrived to work. At 8 he asked me to come into his office because he thought one of the 4 engineers computers had broken. I stifled my laughter; told him there was absolutely nothing wrong, and left their office.  At 12 I left for a lunch meeting.

When I returned at 2 EVERY SINGLE COMPUTER (there’s approximately 7 in that office), the radiator, 3 laptops, and 6 light fixtures were disassembled and he was completely surrounded with parts. For $12. I caused havoc that could have been ranked on the Richter scale (I’d give it a 7.3) for $12. I spend more than $12 every day on Red Bull!

The best part is that is tiny and can be hidden in anything. Leave it up for a day or two, then sneak in and steal it back.  Put it back a week later and watch your coworkers go insane. Just be prepared for retalation of an epic proportion. Oh yeah, and don’t say I sent you because I don’t need any more hate mail.

Ben (@CobaltInfinity)


3 responses to “More Annoying Than Fran Drescher’s Laugh

  1. OMG I love Fran Drescher I really dont care bout her nasel laugh. I think its soothing.

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