Of course that happened. Onto the Mineseye Cube? I don’t know.

mineseyeBecause I have about as much luck these days with Nixon watches, this is no surprise to me. Yesterday I posted the Second Great Watch Debate, asking you readers to choose between me keeping the Rubix or returning it and picking up a Nixon Private. And before this, even, I posted the First Great Watch Debate, polling which watch I should buy with my Karmaloop credit. On both occasions, as soon as I was about to pull the trigger (well, about a day before) on purchasing said Nixons, they up and sold out. It’s almost as if some sick practical joke is being played on me. When I found the Private for $55, I was all, “Oh hell yes. That’s coming home with me.” So this morning, as I viewed the results of yesterday’s poll, I went to put the watch in my cart only to find that the site at which the watch was featured has pulled each and every watch from their inventory. Not just the Nixon. Every watch. Gone. Something’s fishy here. Conspiracy theory almost. I wrote customer service, you better believe.

At any rate, I still don’t like the Rubix and did some more hunting. Found this Mineseye Cube for a cool $36. But now it wouldn’t be fair to go forth with the purchase before consulting my loyal readership. Not that I wouldn’t have confidence in my decision, but we all saw what happened when i went with the Quiksilver watch. So, what are your thoughts on the Mineseye?


12 responses to “Of course that happened. Onto the Mineseye Cube? I don’t know.

  1. 100% hell ya… FTW

  2. What’s with the Lego packaging?

    You have gone from a casual, anytime watch to one for dress occasions. Not sure if this fits your pattern.

    However, looks great, but never heard for the company.

    Currently 60% support in your decision.

  3. Is that a plastic case around it?

    Hell No!

    The clear plastic case around the face makes it look cheap in my opinion.

    Sorry dude. Find another.

  4. wow… that plastic case kills it… time to move on.. looked promising… but, um… no

  5. Buy quality once. Don’t just buy something to buy it. Especially with watches, don’t buy a piece of crap.

    • momentumoffailure

      Thanks for the advice, holmes! You missed the epic adventure of Fast & Furious last night. Good times had by all! (read: me)

  6. not digin’ it…

    FWIW, I have a Seiko 21 Jewel Diver Automatic… The best, most accurate and bullet-proof watch I ever owned. Plus it’s got classic styling and looks like a “man’s” watch… You can find them for around 150.oo if you search….

    mine’s like this:




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