And with the purchase of the Ben Sherman Weekender Bag, Ben is en route to Denver.

weekenderBecause I was so engrossed in “He’s Just Not That Into You” (thx Netflix) last night, I lost track of time completely. Other than watching this cinematic triumph of a chick-flick, the only thing I really remember was a text from Ben: “Got my weekender bag!” And another regarding a must-go-bowling-while-he’s-here situation. Linking me to the Ben Sherman Weekender drove the nail in the coffin that, indeed, this kickoff party is coming to fruition and the buzz around it is growing. We got the Facebook invites sent and some cool cats already promising attendance. So if you’re still all, “I don’t know about this, if I should or shouldn’t RSVP,” I would say go ahead and come because it’s going to a good time. How could an end-of-August BBQ not be? Then, afterwards or possibly the next day if we’re all unable to stand, it’s time to go bowling. I got the perfect lanes in mind.


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