The Amazing Race, Rachel Bilson, and a Suunto Core Watch

amazing raceAfter a short conversation that didn’t take much consideration, and after seeing the announcement on my Facebook, Ben (@cobaltinfinity) and I have decided to fill out the applications and submit them in hopes of being considered for Season 16 of the Amazing Race. Our angle? Two bloggers who work together but have never met. I think it’s a potentially good approach and one with which the network execs would be intrigued. I applied for the show with my brother about 4-5 years back. Seeing as how my face never made it to CBS, it’s obvious we didn’t make it. Really, I just want to meet Phil. He seems like he’d be a cool guy to shoot the breeze with when the cameras are turned off.

The hopes of getting onto the Race coincide with my increased passion to meet (and subsequently fall in love with and have fall in love with me) Rachel Bilson. I am have begun to see how powerful Twitter is by testing its reach. I am  trying to get all my Twitter followers to retweet my postings expressing the desire to meet Ms. Bilson. rb2Amanda told me she’s dating Hayden “Anakin” Christensen, but I see that as no sort of barrier or competition. If I made the race, I could go public with my crush. Pathetic? Maybe. A caveat for potential? Definitely. Regardless, and in the infamous words of Wayne Campbell, “She will be mine. Oh yes. She will be mine.”

Looking through pictures of Rachel via search engine image searches, she has an undeniably timeless style. And this got me thinking about a conversation my older brother and I had yesterday re: a good watch. He bought the Suunto Core about a year or so ago, loves it and still wears it. BKYLThis convo came after the heated Mineseye discussion and coming to the conclusion that the watch looked cheap and how spending more on a better quality brand and look is really the way to go. “Don’t just buy something for the sake of buying something.” True words, brother. Thanks for lookin out. If I don’t grab my own before I leave for the Race, can I borrow yours?

2 responses to “The Amazing Race, Rachel Bilson, and a Suunto Core Watch

  1. Yes, you can borrow mine.

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