It’s not said and done post-purchase. The Timex Camper and JPress Watchbands play nice.

timexcamperLet it be known that I hardly ever answer my phone. I honestly can’t stand talking on the phone and find it much easier to text. Save for intonation, I feel I get my message across via SMS the same as I would if I were speaking to someone. However, there is the rare occasion I answer the phone, and it’s usually only when the family rings me up. Like my older brother did last night as I was driving home from work. We spoke initially about the evening’s plans and eventually it turned to, as it most oftentimes does, product talk. Last night’s subject (aside from agreeing to trade his Supers for my Ray Bans) was watches. I asked about the Suunto I mentioned in yesterday’s post. he said he had it but hardly wears it, stating how he’s now more into the military styles and old Rolex watches, etc. I reiterated my liking of the Timex Camper. Simple, inexpensive, and, if you were to slap a new band on there, you could make it more your own versus just another Timex. He agreed, and I said JPress has some cool ones. jpressWe spoke a little while longer about eBay sells/finds, weekend plans, and our little brother’s lacrosse career. It was at that point I realized I had been sitting out front of my house in my car for the better part a half hour. We made plans to meetup next week for a friend’s comedy show and went our separate telephonical ways.


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