The Ten: Get in on the Animal Command Jacket with Us

animalWhat started as an idea by Matt re: gathering a few folks together to make a bulk purchase of the Animal Command Jacket has become something more. Currently there are 5 of us ready and poised to break out our various wallets, money clips, AOs, etc and go forth with the purchase. I know it seems semi-ridiculous for so many of us to buy the exact same jacket, but the benefit here is not one of us lives in the same state as the other. So, there’s that. But, if all do happen to meet up someday, at least we’ll be easy to identify. “Oh hey you must be so and so because our jackets match!” Talk about convenient. Or we could all just plan a stay at the Ice Hotel and Bar in the Arctic Circle. icehotel Though by the looks of that, we’d need a few layers to accompany the jacket.  But before any of this happens, we want to get 5 more people in on the game. So if you’re interested in snagging one of these (only $135), email MomentumofFailure and we’ll keep you updated as to when we go through with this.


2 responses to “The Ten: Get in on the Animal Command Jacket with Us

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