Animal Command Jacket Update

animalcommandHello all of you. Hi. First off, I want to say thanks. Thank you for reading this little blog I have put together in hopes of getting you interested in not only the products I post but also in building a little microcosm of a community. The support you’ve shown so far has been overwhelming and much appreciated. Secondly, because you have all been so nice, I feel the need to return the favor. And I am currently trying to do so by getting into talk with Animal Clothing re: their Command Jacket that I posted about awhile back. Since then, I’ve tried to generate some interest in a group of us all going in on buying a few of these bad boys to see if we can get a sort of “group discount.” Just an FYI, I have emailed the heads at Animal and am anxiously awaiting their response. The higher the number we can get to buy, the better our chances are, I wager. So, again, if you’re interested in going in with us on this purchase, throw a comment on this post confirming you’re in. All information regarding the go-ahead with the Command will be posted as it comes to me.

UPDATE 8/4/2009

Okay. Jacket’s are $135. I can get us all 10% off and free shipping. FTW! So, roughly $121. Still in??


24 responses to “Animal Command Jacket Update

  1. I’m in… god knows why, but I’m in

  2. I was in from the word go. Why do you feel the need to question me? HA!

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  4. I stumbled across your blog (which is great) randomly a couple weeks ago.

    I’d like to get in on this if possible

    • momentumoffailure

      Yeah for sure you can get in on this. Currently, we are awaiting the reply from the shop re: a group rate sort of thing. Check back often for developments, etc.

  5. would it still be $135? or would the bulk purchase make it cheaper?

  6. as long as i got my beretta i’m down for whatever.

  7. I’m out. Too much $ for one time use

  8. what do you think about this one?


    the only thing i don’t like about it is the zipper in the back, probably where the hood pops out

    • momentumoffailure

      I’m lukewarm on that Obey jacket. I like the wool outer and plaid lining of the Animal Command. That, and I have plenty of jackets already that look like the Obey. However, it still is a slick look. Good find, man!

  9. Im in I want the jacket in LARGE please

  10. yup I want that jacket and I am in UK and the cheapest I can get delivery is $43, could you help me??????

  11. stumbled on your blog..not sure what the point of it is, but i love this jacket. i’m into it if you can get a deal..hoping that the small will not be too big for me (female-bodied). can you email me about this?

  12. never got an email that they were available and i just saw the update. are they still available? is the size true to fit, oversized or slim?

    • momentumoffailure

      Yeah we didn’t end up going with the Animal jacket. However, I was able to get us an in with . Check out their styles and let me know what you like.

      • i can’t access their 2009 catalog..are you having issues as well? the stuff i can view seems to be mostly sold out.

      • momentumoffailure

        Are you having problems viewing the Public School NYC catalog or the Animal one? I don’t think an item appearing “sold out” is a problem. I will let you know, though.

      • i’m looking at the public school website. the stuff from before fall/winter 09 is mostly sold out. (what do you mean that wouldn’t be a problem?) and i can’t see the fall/winter 09 collection. does that clear things up?

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