Of Polos and Bow ties. A Look Worth a Mention.

Picture 1In what has been probably the longest-running “It’s finally time to get one,” debate of mine has been the purchase of a bow tie. I’ve asked the advice of my style-friends as well as got the opinion of some of the kind ladies in my life, whos say on the whole situation has been, “You need to get a bow tie.” But for whatever reason, I have refrained. There are a few reasons for the delay, one being, do I order a nice one and hope I like it, or do I go to Goodwill and try to find one for less and see if the look is “me”? Thinking the latter is the best route to take, I just haven’t had the time to go shopping, other than those weekend Nordstrom Rack visits, etc. Tonight, though, that may have to change.

image1xlNot that I am not completely in love with the Blenheim as I think wearing it with my polo shirts would look awesome, it is definitely a better idea to seek out one for less that $40, at least right off the bat. I was never one to jump in the pool head first. I checked the water. Asos gives a little insight as to what a polo/bow tie combo looks like, but I can almost count on pulling off this look better than their model. Not because he’s doing it all wrong or anything, but I am just not digging that shirt. Are those racing stripes?


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