The Real Bag Of Holding [@BenSherman1963 Weekender Bag]

BenSherman00Dungeons & Dragons eat your heart out. If this Ben Sherman bag was an option a million years ago when I was still playing D&D, you would have had the most ridiculous character ever. Dapper Mage? Yes, please. This bag is, quite honestly, the weekend bag I have been searching for the past three months. There were great options presented from Filson, JCrew, and Peasants & Travelers, (Will is pretty much the man when it comes to this stuff) but none of them really struck a chord with me.

I happened to be gearing up at Macy*s for my epic trip into the wilderness last weekend (more on the drunken shenanigans, guns, and atv-wrecking later) when I came across a Ben Sherman end cap with assorted bags on it. I came across the above beauty and immediately fell in love. All cards on the table, it was actually much closer to lust.

Roll the dice for the rest.

Critical Hit! Touchdown! #Epicwin! Whatever your game, genre, or sport of choice is, this bag is the weekend bag version of the 1985 Chicago Bears. Three words here people: Super. Bowl. Shuffle. Not only does this bag hold more than any bag of its size, it looks good even while it’s a little bloated (If only I was this fortunate).

The pictures speak for themselves when it comes to the colossal amount of stuff you can pack, and it doesn’t even groan if you over pack (guilty as charged). The bag is relatively minuscule compared to other weekend bags (a huge selling point in my opinion), measuring in at 12”x16”x7.5”.  It has three external pockets (one zipper and two standard Ben Sherman magnetic closures), one large internal zipper, and the standard Sherman phone, ipod, and pen holders.

The bag obviously looks good (I’m a huge brand whore, but even I wouldn’t buy anything that looks bad) and has plenty of expandable space. But why buy this bag over all the others? First of all, it’s Ben Sherman and their commitment to quality is unheard of. The price of $119 is reasonable, even cheap compared to some of the others. The bag is canvas and faux-leather, so it’s lightweight AND durable. The real selling point for me (do I REALLY need more reasons?) was the bag engineering.

Whoever designed this bag was, quite simply, a damned genius. The canvas and leather combination is enough to keep the upright when it’s open, but not so rigid that it won’t fit in tight spaces. Behind the seat? Done. Under the seat? Easily. In the utility compartment in the rear of a Silverado truck? With pleasure. Even if you smash the heck out of this bag, it retains its shape as if by magic. When you add to this the fact that the zipper on the top closure completely separates (ala a doctor bag), you have the blueprint for an amazing piece of portable storage.

Don’t just take my word for it, come to Denver or Chicago and see for yourself. I will be the dude rocking this bag like it’s my job. Or just buy one from @MacysInc or Endless.

Ben (@CobaltInfinity)


2 responses to “The Real Bag Of Holding [@BenSherman1963 Weekender Bag]

  1. Hey Ben & Will — I have a bag question for you. I am moving to Chicago September 1st and need something to carry around the city for work/odds-and-ends. You have any suggestions for a bag that isn’t too professional nor too casual? Something that would look good as an every day bag. I’ve dug through the archives a tad and haven’t found anything that has stood out.

    I may have fallen off the face of Twitter Earth, but I still read this every day. You both do a great job.


    • momentumoffailure

      Thanks, sir! That means a lot.

      Alright, for a bag of good standing and with the functionality you seek, I would highly recommend a Jack Spade messenger. I have one and use it every single day. Super simple, but it has plenty of room without looking like I’m carrying too much.

      Give em a look-through and let me know if anything stands out there.

      As always, thanks for reading! See you at the party.


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