Weekend Comparitive Shopping. Credit Card Damage. Nixon vs. Victorinox/Swiss Army. Can’t we do both?

nixonThe whirlwind of this past weekend can be summed up in three words: Watches, links, and champagne. Let me augment that actually because “debate” should probably be added to that list. After getting a watch in the mail last week and deciding that it just wasn’t for me, I was dead set on finding a classic-style watch to wear for my many misadventures, various outings, and trying-to-impress-the-ladies tactics. A neon green watch isn’t going to cut it for these scenarios, so I began researching other ones. As the deal-hunter I pride myself on being, I was able to track down a Nixon 51-30 for a cool $200 (not on eBay) and almost went ahead with the purchase of it…knowing full well that when the bubbly left my blood, I probably wouldn’t regret the buy. However, I didn’t as I wanted to continue the hunt.  So I kept at it, trying to find more deals. Being a huge Swiss Army fan, I was taken with the Vintage Infantry timepiece and tried to track it down for less than $400. infantryI was successful in that, finding it for $395 at PrincetonWatches.com. Pretty slick deal, really, and I probably would have gone ahead with that purchase as well had I not shortly after and found the simple-styled Garrison for a mere $60. garrisonNeedless to say, it’s time to make up my mind.

I’ve come as far as doing all this research this weekend but have refused to open the wallet and dish out the funds. But now that it’s Monday and Friday is JUST on the horizon (gotta look at the glass half-full, ya know?), it seems like as good of time as any to obtain a new watch. So, wish me luck in my endeavors today/tonight, and I will let you know which one I go with. It may be one of these, it may not. What is certain though is that I will be taking pictures of my wearing my find and posting it up. In the meantime, I am open to suggestions, comments, advice, criticism, and general well-wishes.


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