Boat Shoes into the Winter. To Infinity and Beyond. Ben Sherman on Sale and Sperry Chukkas.

sperryaochukkasLet it be known that Ben does not share my affinity for the beloved boat shoe that I call my favorite style of footwear. Though, as of late, I think I’m turning a corner, convincing him that the classic shoe is well worth it. It’s sort of hard to not love a good topsider especially when you can pair them with virtually any wardrobe, save for a tux or three-piece suit. Hell, they go well with shorts or slacks, jeans or a swimsuit. I’m really, really excited about Sperry’s new offering for the upcoming season, in particular the Buffalo Plaid Chukka. Boot and boat shoe in one? Deal, Howie! Deal! Who said you can’t wear a dock shoe in the winter? Well, someone, I’m sure, but this is a way to get around that. Hey, rules were meant to be broken, right?

benshermanbrownWhat’s more, though, is that the fact that colder weather is in fact coming, it’s a good time to get in on some good deals on Summer style footwear. I was looking at last night, because of Ben’s review of his Weekender yesterday, and came across their footwear. The Port? Yeah, it’s only $60 right now. Sale. Get some. Even further than the Ben Sherman site itself, I was able to track down a different colorway of the Port all the way across the pond for even a little less. After shipping, it may be roughly the same. Still, nothing like taking advantage of end-of-season sales. benshermanblue

And speaking of sales, etc., I got another Nordstrom Rack postcard in the mail claiming that on August 11, new items are coming to the store. Let’s hope this actually happens this time. Last time they announced the addition of new items, Ben and I had to cry shenanigans as there was very VERY little new.


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