I can’t grow a mustache. Thank goodness. Plus my Merino Wool Mustache Gloves from Jack Spade make my facial hair removable. FTW

glovesI’ve never made an secret of the fact that I shave, maybe, once a week, if that. I can’t grow facial hair, and when I try, it comes in all patchy and ugly and whatever. One bright idea my friend got was to get a mustache tattooed on one of his fingers and hold it up above his upper lip whenever he felt like donning a mustache. Me? I can’t really do that given the office job aspect of my life and them frowning upon visible ink. Honestly, I don’t know how my company feels about it, but I think it’s tacky in a professional setting. Nice shirt? Check. Properly pressed slacks? Golden. Combed hair? You know it. Nice shoes? Always. Dolphin tattoo on wrist? Oops. A pair of gloves in the winter would cover that up, sure, but you’re gonna look mighty dumb wearing handgear in the summer. Should have waited for the saving graces of Jack Spade. I’m just sayin is all.


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