The Momentum of Failure Sunglasses Swap

electric1There’s nothing finer than building a trusting community/network of friends, cohorts, well-wishers, snake handlers, croneys, chums, BFFs, and what better way to build said connections than sharing with everyone? I can’t think of a better platform, too, than by doing so through the pages of MoF. It is with that statement that we are pleased to announce the Momentum of Failure Sunglasses Swap. I realized after a long talk with Ben that the reason maybe the shades I’ve been promoting on the Garage Sale aren’t moving is because there’s no way to product test them before buying. dsc00589That’s why I thought it a quality idea to “trade” versus buy. You’ve probably got a few extra pair of specs laying around that you’re like, “You know, I should really wear those,” but then go with your old stand-by pair, not deviating from the norm.

Times they are a-changin. I’ve got a few pairs of Electric Sunglasses, as well as some Anons and Burton Montefrios, sitting around waiting to compliment someone else’s head for a bit. But what’s in it for me? Your sunglasses. I send you mine, you send me yours. It worked well with the recent watch swap, so I thought we’d give this another go. dsc00583

Here’s how it’ll work: You peruse the sunglasses on the Garage Sale (or any item for that matter), choose a set, come up with a reasonable trade (not for keeps, unless we agree on the terms) and we proceed from there. Fun, right? Totally. dsc00586

Head on over to the Sale now and start choosing. It’s all first come, first serve, mind you. When you get your shades in the mail, snap a picture and we’ll throw it on the blog. All our pretty faces adorned in each others’ goods for all the world to admire.

The Momentum of Failure Garage Sale

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email The ‘Lure or post them via comment below. Swap guidelines/rules/etc after the jump…Sunglasses and the other products for the Swap must be cared for like they were your own while you have them. If you trade shades and end up leaving the set you got at a bar or sit on them on a date, you forfeit the pair you traded. We have to keep this fair. Unless something else prior to the swap has been worked out, them’s the rules. We just want to have a good time.


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