Lighting up my life with mirrors and bulbs a flashes from Tokyo: The Tokyoflash Lava Ambient Square LED Light

ledlightI have lived at my condo for roughly 4.5 years (save for a two year stint in NYC) and love my little abode. It suits me just right, plays host to many-a game night, is cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. In fact, I would venture as far to say that my place on Franklin St. is close to perfection, except one tiny (huge) thing: it lacks an abundance of natural light. And that really gets to me. I have done close to everything to remedy the situation: strategically placed mirrors, different lights, trimming back the ivy that grows over my kitchen window, and a number of other tactics to try to spread a little more sunlight throughout. Though now I’m battling with whether or not to sell my place, perhaps if I tried a few more things, like weird LED lights or knocking out the glass bricks and putting in a bigger window to the outside, I would stay there longer. I just want that tax credit from the government. USA, baby.


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