Of accessories, essentials, and wants vs. needs: Dosh Wallets, Banana Republic Black Walnut, and The Private by Nixon

doshMaybe it’s because MensHealth is one of my homepages upon opening FireFox in the morning or i subscribe to Esquire magazine, but I am always reading about what a “man” should always have on him. Some of the items I agree with while others simply fall by the wayside, and I never find myself needing them. However, a good wallet should always be among a proper gent’s essentials. Dosh is a new company I stumbled upon thanks to a Twitter friend. To go one step further than merely having said wallet, at least $20 cash should be stuffed into it at any time. And actually up until recently, I never carried cash. Now, I am glad I do, as it has saved my ass on more than several occasions.

Picture 3On top of this, smelling your best is always a terrific idea. And for me, I am a huge fan of Banana Republic’s scents. Not that I’m a “cologne guy” or anything, because frankly, half the crap on the market stinks like downtown bars and open silk shirts, but I dig the subtle scents BR provides me on the daily. In fact, just yesterday, some guy in my office asked me what cologne I wore because he was going to get his girlfriend to buy him some. That said, I need a new fragrance…can’t be having two people wear the same, ya know?

privateLastly, and I think this comes from many-a-talks with my brother and Ben as well as my recent disappointment with a certain watch I bought, keeping things understated, yet eye-catching on your wrist is a must. For me, I’ve been all over the Nixon Brand as of late and have a love for the Private. It’s simple enough to throw on for any occasion yet big enough for someone to notice and say, “That’s an effing killer watch, bro…” or, “Welcome to Wash Park Tavern. I’ll be your waitress today and…oh wow, I really like your watch…*wink*.”

Good times, good times.


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