Womentum of Failure.

After some intense debate (nagging), Will and I have finally thrown ourselves on our proverbial swords. In all honesty, with the amount of page views climbing, it would be unrealistic to think that there weren’t some (more than I anticipated) female readers exploring our little corner of the Internet.  It’s high time that we give in and let them have a little fun…at our expense.

This is what I’m thinking – We will, as a community, determine a number of criteria on which to rate women’s perfume. A separate section will be created where Will and I will review perfume’s of your choice based on said criteria.

And yes, all perfume will be tested after applied to, or by, a (real-life!) female. Will has suggested we accept letters spritzed with perfume like the olden custom. I like it. Send us some letters, and feel free to send model applications!

[To the Gents – This isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a survival skill. If I were you I would learn it fast; it’s more useful than you would imagine. Lose the battle, not the war. Don’t worry, there will be no flowers, hearts, Care Bears, or other absurd paraphernalia anywhere.]

Ben (@CobaltInfinity) & Will (@momentumfailure)


3 responses to “Womentum of Failure.

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  2. clearly a sign of weakness

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