Because it’s always better to get another opinion: The Kr3w Velocity. Yay or Nay?

velocityIt seems KarmaLoop just loves messing with me. First, I run a poll to see which watch I should snag. When the overwhelming response came in to go forth with the purchase of a Nixon, the watch was mysteriously gone from the sale section. And it still is…so I suppose it just sold out. Now, again, I have to ask my loyal band of Lure readers to chime in with their opinions on the Kr3w Velocity. The picture is rather unfortunate, what with the nice (annoying) glare on the glass face. Ben and I were talking about how it’s good to have a variety of watches with different bands. I don’t have a leather-banded timepiece save for the Modern Amusement one I acquired from Matt in the watch swap. So now that I am eyeing this one, it seems like a worthwhile buy. It’s simple but flashy. I like the big face, honestly. Big watches do it for me. Gimme watchu got.


6 responses to “Because it’s always better to get another opinion: The Kr3w Velocity. Yay or Nay?

  1. WTF with the pic. That said, FTW from me

  2. In the spirit of my recent habit of informing you of what you will and won’t actually wear (even when you don’t ask for my opinion), I vote yes. Pull the trigger before it sells out.

    • Cobalt Infinity

      I think Amanda meant, “Pull the trigger before the company stops selling watches all together.”

      With the better DogFunk picture I am sufficiently convinced you will enjoy this watch.

  3. Nay. The subdial spacing is too close to the center of the dial for a balanced look, which doesn’t look too pretty but is also indicative of a small movement used that was designed for a smaller watch. I’d skip this one.

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