Just Add H20 [Burton DJ Bag]


3Oh!3, snow, MSTRKRFT, powder, Daft Punk, salt, the list goes on and on. You can throw just about anything at (into) the Burton DJ Bag and it will graciously accept it with a smile (assuming bags had mouths and emotions of course). The point, dear readers, is that it doesn’t matter if you want to spin “phat beats” or “shred the backcountry” because this bag is for you.

You can even use it for surfing… as long as it’s web surfing. Just click the button to read the rest!

Made specifically for Digital Jukeboxes, this bag has space for 25 records (whatever the hell those are), a laptop, and whatever other hardware you hook-up to your portablecomputerboxmachine. There are nine (NINE!) external pockets that are all easily accessible while on the go, and it won’t discriminate based on your mode of transportation. It is just as easy to fetch a vinyl from a parked Escalade on dubs as it is to rip out your camera while in the process of “cutting the pow pow” on your new Custom-X ICS (if I don’t strap this on next season, someone kill me and use it). This bag is so versatile you can even use it at the lodge afterwards for pictures of the local wildlife.

The pictures do an excellent job of showing you the various front pockets (three cigarette/camera/pillbox/iPod sized padded pockets and a larger pen/keys/card/paperwork pocket), side pockets (identification, newspaper, etc), and large interior pockets (laptop, vinyl, books, Red Bull, goggles, gloves, etc.).

What they don’t clearly show are the features that make this bag so versatile:

  • Interior elastic pocket – Can hold beverages or an umbrella (essential for use in Chicago).
  • The top comes down – The upper pocket on the back of the bag is designed to hold the detachable backpack straps or the messenger bag strap. Yeah, Burton really DID make a Transformer and this one is way better. (Sorry Megan Fox.)
  • Zippers – All the pockets zip towards the top middle of the bag. This is especially convenient when operating the bag while Twittering, smoking, shredding, etc.

Sometimes the whole is not greater than the sum of it’s parts (Hasbro + Pontiac), and occasionally it is (Burton + bags). This transformer actually exists, and it doesn’t suck. However, I’m not Michael Bay so get your own hot chick; she’s not included.

Ben (@CobaltInfinity)


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