Rings and things. And no, I’m not getting married. Yet.

gunringOff and on, and hardly ever in public, I find myself wearing a ring. Sometimes, for fun, I will even throw it on my left ring finger totally throwing everyone for a loop like I’ve finally buckled down and tied the knot. Okay, that’s not entirely true, as when I don the ring on that hand, someone has yet to stop me and ask if I’m married. It could be because I don’t do it often enough or due to the fact that the ring sports a huge effing NO LIMIT RECORDS tank (pictured). nolimitThere’s a fine line one walks when wearing a ring. Are you a huge tool or can you pull it off? It depends on a few things, for sure. What else are you wearing? What color is the ring? What’s the design? How seriously are you taking it/yourself? Are you actually married or are you trying to pull the George Costanza – “Chicks dig a guy with a wedding band or ski lift ticket” routine?

Are you Axl Rose?tokyoflash

If you do end up sporting the finger-wear, remember to stay true to the objective as to why you decided to wear it. If you’re just looking to simply augment your sophisticated style, keep with a sleek and almost colorless accessory, don’t go with a gun or spike ring. spikeIn fact, go buy that black ring now. That thing is cool.

Will (@momentumfailure)


2 responses to “Rings and things. And no, I’m not getting married. Yet.

  1. Cobalt Infinity

    If there was ever doubt about how to wear a ring, I will clarify it in 23 days.

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