What I found for you, friend, is the MSPC Over Sling Bag.

camelback-largeA friend asked Ben and I to find him a bag. At first we pointed him towards the usual suspects (Ben Sherman, Jack Spade, etc.) but realized the Internet is a seemingly endless fountain of product, bursting through its own e-seams. And since we all aspire to look like we live in Tokyo, anyway, I thought I would go forth search for bags inspired by, possibly even worn by, the fair occupants of said city.

Sure a good messenger bag is a staple for a wardrobe. Something timeless, classic, refraining from all-over print, etc. But what if you want to mix it up a hair? Not a prob. And nothing wrong with that. A fresh look is always welcome whether it’s to merely throw your friends off for a day or to go about revamping yourself/ your life/ you aura/ or some other hippie BS new-age nonsense. 2picsTake a gander at the MSPC Sling.

Clean and unique. Just like you. Yes you are. You’re special. You’re not like anyone else. Look at you with your fancy plans and pants (and bag) to match.

Will (@momentumfailure)

6 responses to “What I found for you, friend, is the MSPC Over Sling Bag.

  1. Nice work! I really like it. It looks like it will be rather comfortable while on my bike, too. I’ll let you know if I decide to give it a try.

  2. Looks like an updated version of the fanny pack.

    • momentumoffailure

      Yeah but for a brief time, the fanny pack was cool. And even now, it’s coming back. However, I think fanny packs are lame. Furthermore, I think this looks nothing like a fanny pack.

      • Yes, at one time the fanny pack was cool. But if you were to see a picture of yourself from years ago wearing a fanny pack, could you look at it with a straight face? I don’t think so. It would be more like, “Why the F did I wear that?”

        As for that FPW (fanny pack wannabe), you could probably take an old fanny pack, strap it over a shoulder and under an arm it would look strikingly similar.

  3. Cobalt Infinity

    Fanny packs. Do not attempt at home.

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