Something for nothing. On the subject of Flipside Wallets and Jura Watches.

Eilux-Titan-AluminiumWho doesn’t like getting something for nothing? I lead that list. When i was unemployed, I found a million different ways to acquire things for free. For instance, if you’re feelin them hunger pangs but your wallet’s all, “No dude. Don’t spend the scrilla,” get at your local grocery store (Whole Foods is the best) for the samples. There isn’t a sign that says LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER so go nuts. Yesterday, in fact, at the Cherry Creek locale, they put out pizza. FTW.

But sometimes “something for nothing” is misleading. Like, “get this complimentary gift….when you buy this….” Still, though, not a bad deal depending on the gift. A free lanyard with one-year subscription to Vibe? Not so much. A free watch winder when you buy from Jura? Deal. And while you’re at it, why not spoil your credit cards after wreaking a little bank-account damage by giving them a new home?

While we’re still trying to work with Dosh, I stumbled across the Flipside. A bit more in everyone’s (mine) price range. Plus the Flipside locks. So maybe you should snag one before online shopping. Just sayin is all.

Picture 1


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