Suffering from aROCKnophobia? The Spider Capo is not for you. (Sorry about the pun)

capophoto“Puns are lazy writing….” Amen, Krusty. Amen. But what’s even lazier, and I think Brian Regan said it best, is the statement, “One thing led to another…” As the writer, aren’t you supposed to tell WHAT one thing led to the next? Yes. “Adolf Hitler was rejected from art school as a young man. One thing led to another and America ended up dropping two atomic bombs on the sovereign nation of Japan.” That’s B. Regan’s joke. To credit my source. Anywho, puns are acceptable on and off but should never be a staple of one’s vocabulary, as funny as they sometimes can be. It’s like cussing in music. I think it’s terrible. The English language is so full of…words…to, uh, describe…stuff. Cursed my limited lexicon. But speaking of music and descriptive lyrics, John Lennon rocked the guit-box (capo and all) while simultaneously singing some superb sentiments. Oh, that’s one thing I love. Alliteration. Wow. This was a rambling mess of disconnected thoughts, now wasn’t it?


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