Consider Yourself Enlisted [Tracey Mayer Accessories]

TraceyMayer03Because we’re Men and we want jewelry too dammit! Err…accessories…I meant accessories. Tracey Mayer aims to fill that void and simultaneously empty another (quality is priceless). The devil is truly in the details, and Tracey is all about the details. Maybe it’s that watch that makes every outfit work, or maybe it’s a tie. It could, in all likelihood, even be a sweet pair of specs or cufflinks. You pick your poison and odds are Tracey has something to satisfy. Today’s menu (Sorry, no @#$!%*!& Blago Burger here. This will be my one Chicago reference.) includes the Disguise, Nian, or Flex collections, each of which includes a number of pieces all meticulously crafted with an attention to detail that Men’s “jewelry” is unaccustomed to.

Would you jump if I told you to? That was rhetorical, just do it.

Ben (@CobaltInfinity)

Let me start this by plainly stating that Tracey’s mancessories are not cheap; the Disguise necklace will run you $475. My collection of “stuff” grows by watches, wallets, and mancessories at a rate that, quite frankly, sickens me from time to time. Supporting a habit like this is far more taxing than supporting my constant need for caffeine AND bacon (this one’s for you Adam). This, coupled with my innate ability to find the best deals on everything, should make it difficult for me to recommend something this pricey that doesn’t inherently “make it rain.” But it’s not. Put Tracey’s mancessories (I hereby Trademark this term for exclusive MOF use.) on top of your purchase list. Why? I’ll tell you.

First of all, the customer service is amazing. Inquiries are responded to almost instantaneously, and not in way that leaves you puzzled as to your original question. You don’t buy things based on customer service reviews though, do you? How about quality? These ‘cessories (shortening still TM) are all crafted with 950 Silver. For the uninitiated, that is purer-than-sterling silver that is 95% silver. Obviously the materials are high quality, but you can go buy a dog-tag necklace for $30 from the next Inspector Gadget you find on the corner. It took me a few days of wearing, but I figured it out (the things I do for you people!).

I want you to start this little portion by blowing up pictures four and five. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

You done?

Now, go back again and look at the link that connects the pendant to the chain, and then the links of the chain.  Each and every link on the chain is sealed. I’m going to give you another minute to let that sink in…every. single. link. You know how many other necklaces like that I have? One and the only reason is because it’s made of leather. I make my own jewelry from time to time (no, really) and compared to Tracey’s mine are crafts. This necklace is never going to break.

Remember that Blackberry 8821 World Edition ( > Storm) used for scale? The Disguise necklace weighs the same amount as the phone. I performed an extremely scientific test where I put both items in my hands and they were EXACTLY the same wait. Facetiousness aside, the necklace has some weight to it. Not only do you get form, aesthetics, and quality you get one Blackberry of 950 Silver. How’s that for an investment?

This brings me to my final “issue” with the necklace, the name. This necklace is from the Disguise collection, described as a “heavily oxidized camouflage design.” Nothing about this necklace is camouflaged. This is one necklace that will jump out and demand an audience with everyone around you, and I’m ok with that. Wear it with a t-shirt, vest, oxford, or sweater. Hell, wear it with boat shoes. Regardless of what you do, the outcome will be the same – compliments.

I wore the Disguise necklace for five days in a variety of situations and my record was six compliments. On the worst day. The high? Twelve. I know because I actually kept track of them. At the end of the day, this necklace is less a mancessory and more a piece of art. Don’t just take my word for it, go get one.

Ben (@CobaltInfinity)


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