A chance meeting at Bikini Bottom. Nooka and Spongebob Squarepants Reach Common Ground.

nookaspongebobI once contemplated buying Spongebob on DVD but remembered that’s like buying Seinfeld on DVD. It’s not worth it as no matter the time of day, you’re bound to find an episode of either show airing on a station. That’s not to say Spongebob isn’t 100% hilarious (even with the whole “Is Patrick gay?” scandal) though. And the movie? Own it. Watch it probably once a month. I mean, Hasselhoff is in it. Awesome. Ahem. Anyway, if MoF could ink a deal with any cartoon creation when we start with our product push, I’d like to say we’d go with Mr. Squarepants, but Nooka beat us to it. Back to the drawing board it is (no pun intended). Hmmm, I wonder who owns the rights to Thundercats…


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