He’s a bit gadget nerd. She’s a bit homemaker. I’m a bit of both. S’mores Maker and the Egg & Muffin Toaster.

smoresmakerCamping has to be one of my favorite summertime activities next to Sunday afternoon baseball at Coors Field and Saturday BBQs. Something about getting away from the city briefly just sits well with me. Grounds me. Resets the brain, ya know? Stupidly, I’ve only gone once. I chalk it up to not having a four-wheel-drive automobile and scheduling conflicts. When in actuality I am just trying to justify things because most of the camp sites are accessible with any car. Hell, Patrick drove his mom’s TSX last time. There’s no reason not to go to the hills, say, this weekend for some s’mores, guitars, and good times.

eggtoasterBut speaking of reneging on camping plans, when I say “schedule conflicts,” it usually just means I get lazy and wanna stay home, watch my Netflix offerings, have some toast and eggs around 10am, then wind down from the work week. Really, both are enjoyable activities. Plus I stink a whole helluva lot less when I do lazy Saturdays versus camping trips.


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