So Aveda takes away my fave. The hunt for a new shave is on. Could Ritual fill the void?

ritualkitMuch to my (and Andrew’s) dismay, and as confirmed by Amanda and her stylist, Aveda has discontinued their Rosemary Mint collection. For shame, Aveda. For shame. No, I would not like some wellness, thank you very much. With this knowledge, I have been hunting around for the next best shave. I’ve tried Jack Black’s Beard Lube (decent), Everyman Jack’s Shave Lotion (Target’s “chic” men’s brand, so-so) and even something I got for free from Arbonne. None as good as the Aveda. Has anyone out there given Ritual a try? Sure it’s a little on the pricey side, but it looks/sounds fairly decent. Plus who doesn’t like advice on how to perform the perfect shave? Already, Ritual is trumping many others I’ve found.


5 responses to “So Aveda takes away my fave. The hunt for a new shave is on. Could Ritual fill the void?

  1. the products seem solid, but they really dumbed down their about us section to be more dude friendly. i’m not a fucking frat dude who likes “breaking shit” and doesn’t know what laurels are. if you’re marketing towards gentlemen, do it. exclude the lesser of the breed.

  2. just sayin’ is all.

  3. seriously? I feel like Aveda just killed my dog…oh wait, I don’t have a dog. Check out Anthony Logistics. More likely to be found in GQ or Esquire than Maxim (assuming you think that is a step up). It is similarly priced to Aveda and Ritual and they offer free shipping if Nordstrom is too far off the beaten path for you.

  4. I was devistated the day I learned that Aveda discontinued their Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream and have been lost ever since.

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