Get Wood…and your mind out of the gutter, and hop atop Renovo Hardwood Bicycles

custombikeLast night, Jeremy, Amanda and I had a long convo about fixed gears, their riders, the streets of NYC/Brooklyn, and the conundrum of brakeless bikes. With a puzzled look, Amanda asked us what the point of riding a bike with no brakes is. Unable to give a clear answer, the consensus rested on the desire to have a clean looking rig, free from brake lines and only sticking to the absolute essentials… That, and the pedals acting as a sort of way to self-propel yourself once you get going. While this is highly understandable (we all love the clean look), it seems having brakes (other than the “push back” kind) would be considered essential. It could be the one thing that saves your life, unlike those pesky airbags. Sure, a brake on your handlebar won’t so much to deter the inevitable “car door opening as you ride by” accident, but in other cases, it could prove vital. They don’t look half bad (read: they look good) on Renovo’s Custom Hardwood Bikes, afterall. If you need more convincing on the lifesavers attached to these wooden beauties, David Lee Roth it and jump…

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