Like sleeping bags for your feet. Original Fake Down Room Shoes or Traditional Moccasins. Your call this Winter.

ofdownroomshoesFace it. Feet are important. Without them, we’d all just be wobbling around on our ankles not being able to keep balance, partake in Kung Fu battles, drive like Brian Earl Spilner, or, shudder to think, wear a good pair of top siders…a thought almost too terrifying for me to even ponder. It’s therefore crucial to keep them tootsies safe and protected, especially during Winter. Remember reading stories about trenchfoot during WWI (or the Great War before WWII rolled into town)? Disgusting. Not saying tiny sleeping bags for your feet would’ve helped the troops much, but at least they’d have kept warm. Picture 1

Though I would probably opt for a pair of moccs over down room shoes (solely so I wouldn’t have to change footwear if I went out in public). I have a pair at home that have lasted four cold seasons but have met their maker methinks this time around. We’ll see how they hold up, but I’m not going to expect anything more from them as they have served me well, just like those troops served their countries. And just like that we’ve come full circle.


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