Investigative Report: Where’s the Peanut Butter?

quakerbars“Get your peanut butter out of my chocolate…” Wait, we weren’t serious. In what officials are dubbing Peanut Butter Gate 2009, it seems Quaker Oats has left loyal consumer, Ms. A. Burke (name withheld upon request), without the promised ingredient, although it states clearly on the box to expect both chocolate and peanut butter in the chewy granola bars. I was first clued in to this situation yesterday when aforementioned consumer IMed me informing me that the peanut butter was missing. “I bought a box of chewy chocolate chip peanut butter granola bars the other day,” states a shocked Burke, “and THERE IS NO PEANUT BUTTER!”
The bewilderment could be felt through the computer screen as she tried to cope with the concept of not have one of the two ingredients to which she was so looking forward to consuming. Deciding to take action, she contacted us at Momentum to see if there was anything we could do to help. Well, Ms. Burke, you’ve come to the right people. This injustice will not stand,  and we vow to get the bottom of this, hopefully ending with you receiving a replacement box of Granola Bars from Quaker bursting with peanut butter and chocolate. When asked of the lack of PB found in the initial bars, Burke could only describe her state as, “…Devastating, really.”

Update 8/20/2009

Customer Service has been contacted and replacement product is said to be en route. Stay tuned…


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