Reasons Unknown. A Fascination of Big Rigs since I was a lad. And here’s their complete history.

bigrigsAt an early age, I learned much about the great American highways, the open roads, and the automotive beasts that ran rampant on the crumbling hot asphalt stretching coast to coast. Road trips to and from Wisconsin each Summer would find me staring out the window at the massive Big Rigs hauling anything from cars to cows, peoples’ homes to farm equipment, logs to fast food chain supplies, and everything in between. I liked learning about “jake braking” and hearing the huge engines as they sped by in the opposite direction. It was also fascinating to me the code by which truckers followed: Understanding the lane changing etiquette, flashing the lights, CB radios and cop notifications, etc. When I recently took the same roadtrip (a little older, a little wiser) with my Dad this past June, I saw much of the same sights and trucks, and it brought me right back to being a bewildered young boy.

Picture 3Today, I still think big rigs are amazing and the people who pilot them, gutsy. I often find myself watching Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel and saying to myself, “You gotta have a huge set to tackle those roads.” Personally, it’s always been a bit of a pipe dream to shed off all my belongings and cares and worries, get behind the wheel of a Rig, and seeing the country through a windshield, much like Commander Cody & The Lost Planet Airmen sang about. Check out some random shots of Semis from past, present and future after the jump.Picture 2Picture 4scaniatruckbackupinnovation


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