Remembering times in Philadelphia and the rumored Philly Challenge

jimsIt has been ages since I have visited the historic city of Philadelphia. Not since my days in NYC have I had the opportunity to make it to the City of Brotherly Love. Given I have only been there a handful of times, and out of those only twice was I of an age to truly appreciate all the city had to offer, I would like to go again. I remember the first time I went there (when I was of said age to enjoy the niceties), my friend clued me in to what locals call “The Philly Challenge.”

In a mash-up fit for Lardass Hogan from Stand By Me, to partake in this challenge means first having to grab a cheesesteak sandwich from Jim’s Steaks, then walking across the street to Lorenzo’s Pizza and grabbing a slice of pie. It should be noted that each slice is the size of a half a pizza. Roll the sandwich up in the slice and enjoy. lorenzo1

Whoa. Has anyone actually done this? I mean, even Man Vs. Food couldn’t handle the Jack N’ Grill Challenge. So with that I state: if any of my our Philly-based readers have partaken in this beyond-amazing feat and completed it, let me know. Better yet, do it again and take pictures. I gotta see this to believe this.


5 responses to “Remembering times in Philadelphia and the rumored Philly Challenge

  1. I’ll take this wrapped in that, please. Thx.

  2. while it wouldn’t surprise me if this was a ritual for the transient penn and temple crowd, i can assure you this isn’t a regular philadelphia tradition. here in philly, we enjoy our jim’s and we enjoy our lorenzo’s equally but, more importantly, separately (although we enjoy our johns and tacconelli’s more). take it from me, a life long philadelphian, don’t bother participating in this rubbish. grab yourself a slice or a steak, then walk down to bob and barbara’s on 15th and south and order yourself the special (shot of beam and a frosty pbr for 3 bucks).

    • momentumoffailure

      Planning on a Philly trip sometime late this year or early next year and may do just that. Thanks, man.

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