Like I needed yet another reason to stay in on the weekends. The Simpsons Season 12 / Gossip Girl Season 2 on DVD

simpsonsSeems today whenever I see my friends, there is this obligatory, “Sorry, mate,” statement attached to every conversation. I apologize because as of late, I haven’t hung out much with cohorts I usually make a habit out of seeing. So to all of you reading this that haven’t seen my face in awhile, again, I am sorry. But damn if work isn’t keeping me busier than I have ever been. By the time I get home, I’m beat and just wanna throw on a TV on DVD boxset and kick it with a bowl of dry cereal and a beer. In bed by 9:30 doesn’t seem to bother me.

gossipgirlThough, it does wreak havoc on a social life. I should make a more concerted effort to see my mates more often, but when my favorite shows keep coming out on DVD, it becomes increasingly harder to pry my lazy ass off the couch and march down to City O’ City. So again, sorry all. You could always come over, I s’pose.


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