Problem/Solution. When all the pieces fall into place, enter shoes by Exit.

exitIt’s a dilemma as old as time itself. And I’m not a fan of hyperbole. I think I’ve told you that about a billion times. (Real original, Will.) But what’s worse than working in a corporate environment and wanting to ride your bike to work only having to lug around an extra pair of shoes because you know the boss will be less than thrilled when you show up rockin Vans Eras? There are worse things, of course, like car crashes and terminal illnesses, but in this case, there is nothing worse than aforementioned situation. I used to work at a laid-back Dot Com in NYC where I could show up wearing literally anything so the yellow Pumas I wore on the regular didn’t seem to spark any irate flipouts by the higher-ups. Now, though, they wouldn’t past muster. Though there is this new guy in the office that wears sandals…..WTF?

exit1Always a fan of wearing boatshoes with a good pair of slacks, I have found that Sperry is not my go-to name when it comes to biking shoe brands. They’re a little too bulky for my toe-clips. Now if someone invented an oxford/bike shoe, I’d be set. Well, Exit Shoes, let’s see what you got. That pair of Kangaroos look nice. Let’s chat.


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